Got my academic paper on 'Securing Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for Vehicular Privacy' accepted in IEEE Consumer Communications Networking Conference 2021! Will be presenting in January, 2021.

Migrated my Blockstream Satellite Receiver (BSR) to the new Blockstream Satellite 2.0! Was able to successfully connect and have started learning learning the new user interface. Also modified my satellite dish configuration, by moving to the 90 cm dish for the high speed connection on the fixed platform type stand.

Got the more mobile setup working today with the re-purposed DirecTV slimline dish with the linear LNB bolted to it! Pulling similar numbers that I saw with the larger circular 90 cm dish, mounted on a tripod stand. As I almost lost the larger dish to the heavy winds we had blow through last night and overnight, I'm switching to this more stable DirecTV slimline it didn't move a inch during the heavy wind we got during that same time period. The larger 90 cm dish is way easier to tune, but catches more wind and has a tendency to suffer more from dish movement, resulting in signal attenuation.

Picture of DirecTV slimline dish setup:

Metrics seen with the blockstream satellite receiver actively downloading blocks:

Overcast and cloudy skies while downloading blocks:

Starting to notice what might be some possible performance issues with the Galaxy 18 transponder for BlockStream transmissions from Galaxy 18, at least to my receiving location. Even with a computer reboot of my Ubuntu desktop running BlockStream Receiver and switching out the SDR between the 3 different ones, I get consistent low signal reception and cannot get a signal lock. At the same time, the satellite meter is showing the same strength and quality measurements (50% and 55%) as when I did have a solid connection, downloading blockstream frames/blocks. Then after X period of time, it starts working again with no changes to the satellite receiving dish or additional tuning required.