Some analysis of Run/Attempt #1:
Run was started on Saturday, 4/18 at 15:27:04
Run ended on Sunday, 4/19 at 16:47:51
Lost the signal from Galaxy 18 about 11 times before finally losing the signal for good. Each time the blockstream receiver was able to acquire the signal on its own within about 10 seconds or so. Signal SNR received started out at 5.4 dB but dropped to an average of about 4.7 dB for the majority of the approximately 22 hours that the blockstream receiver was running before it lost its signal all together. I'm assuming this is due to wind and rain, due to a storm that blew through during that time.
Only acquired 1.18 GB of the blockchain at about 13.7 kB/sec.
Started Run #2, but added some low tech stability to the satellite dish, to see if I can get the dish to stop moving in the wind and to keep the signal lock more during this next run.
Some pics of the modified setup (chair added):